Happy Vegan Halloween!

Happy Vegan Halloween!

“Have a Spooktacular Vegan Halloween!”   Happy Halloween, everyone! Today’s the day for trick-or-treating! At least, I hope. Some cities do trick-or-treating in the middle...

Vegan Condolences, part 2

  “Vegan Condolences: I’m sorry you forgot to Instagram your vegan dinner.” I’m so guilty of this. I go out for a nice dinner, or...

For My Awesome Vegan Husband

“You are the cashew cheese on my vegan nachos.” This one is for my awesome vegan husband. When we first met, I was vegetarian and...

Annoying Vegan Question #42

Annoying Vegan Question #42

  “So, if a hen is raised really, really well. Like, totally humane with a nice house and gets to roam around and stuff, THEN...

Happy Birthday, Dad!

  “Happy Vegan Birthday, Dad! To the man that fed me every kind of junk food as a child, and never once told me to eat...

Have You Hugged a Vegan Today?

  “Have you hugged a vegan today?” Well, have you? If you haven’t, then you must RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest vegan and give...

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