Chickens Don’t Have Fingers

Chicken - I don't eat your fingers!


“I don’t eat your fingers!”


Like most omnivore kids, growing up I lived on chicken fingers. Chicken fingers with barbecue sauce was my goto meal at every restaurant that my parents took me to. Nearly every kids menu in the country lists them. Along with spaghetti, mac n’ cheese, and hot dogs, it’s classic kid food.

Even at McDonald’s, my favorite meal was the Chicken McNuggets (with barbecue sauce, of course.) I honestly don’t even think I’ve ever eaten a McDonald’s hamburger. For me, it was always about the chicken fingers, nuggets, and occasional drumstick. I was never much of a red meat eater, but that’s another story entirely.

Then, one day I watched Earthlings, Food, Inc, and a few other documentaries and I was disgusted. I was disgusted with the food industry and I was disgusted with myself for what I had been eating. How many chickens (whole, entire chickens) had I personally killed in my lifetime?! I’ll never know, and I can never go back and erase my chicken addiction.

Vegan Chicken Fingers

I can control what I eat in the future, though, and since those movies, I have done just that. No more chicken for me. Not a nugget, not a finger, not even a wing. But I still love a good “chicken” finger even as an adult.

My new vegan version of chicken fingers with barbeque sauce is made with Gardein Crispy Tenders and Annie’s Naturals Organic Smoky Maple BBQ Sauce. I could eat this for every meal and be happy. And, the chickens would be happy, too!

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