Happy Veganniversary!

Happy Veganniversary!

“Happy Veganniversary!”


Do you have a veganniversary? Or, do you know someone that does? Well, this post is for you!

I made my transition to veganism slowly. I had been a vegetarian for about five years, and after meeting my awesome vegan husband, I slowly weaned myself away from dairy and eggs and into a fully vegan diet. I don’t have an exact date when I finished that transition. I didn’t decide on an exact date. It just happened organically.

I don’t even remember exactly what the last non-vegan food was that I ate. It was probably some sort of sweet though. I have a huge weakness for baked goods, so my last hold out during my transition were the cookies, cupcakes, and muffins. There are plenty of vegan baked good options, but those are much harder to find, so I would cave in and buy myself a muffin to go with my tea at Dunkin Donuts, or a cookie to eat with my veggie sandwich at Subway.

Somewhere along the line, though, I gave up the non-vegan sweets. I stopped buying the non-vegan sweets, even when there wasn’t a vegan option in sight. I’ll admit it was hard. And I still salivate a bit when I see the big array of baked goods at Panera. But somewhere along the line, I developed the willpower to avoid the foods that cause harm to animals.

In the interim, I’m now a hardcore addict for VaughnChris’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies! I have a few other local faves, but if you haven’t tried the VaughnChris cookies, you’re missing out!

To those of you that drew a line in the sand and decided “today is my day to go vegan” and never looked back, I commend you.

Happy Veganniversary to you…whenever that may be!

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