Herbivores Unite (at the Local Veg Fest!)

Herbivores Unite at the local veg fest

“Herbivores Unite!”

I’ve noticed that Veg Fests seem to be on the rise. There used to be only one big gathering per year in major cities. Now, they are are nearly everywhere. Every mid-size to large city has one, if not two, three, or four veg fests per year. I’m fortunate that I live in a place where there are so many to choose from. Nearly every weekend there is at least one vegan gathering in the greater metro area.

There are also regular potlucks and activities on meetup.com,  vegan restaurants are flourishing, vegan Facebook groups, and hashtags galore. Being vegan was once a lonely thing, but that’s changing. People are finding each other more than ever, and they’re gathering in record numbers.

I really enjoy a good Veg Fest. I love the speakers, the music, the food. I love gathering with people that won’t judge what I put on my plate (or why I leave somethings off my plate.) It’s also a chance to learn more about human evolution, animal rights, and what I can do better as a vegan and as a person in the coming months and years.

So, here’s my wish.

Let’s keep gathering together. Let’s keep connected, so we can keep sharing our ideas. This knowledge will be useful to all of us as we go back to our day-to-day lives. The next time an omnivore asks us one of those annoying questions, we’re better prepared to answer it honestly and thoughtfully. We’re more likely to convince one more person that the vegan lifestyle is for them.

Herbivores unite, indeed!

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