November is World Vegan Month!

World Vegan Month


“November is World Vegan Month!”


It’s time to celebrate! It’s our very own month on the calendar.

November has been declared World Vegan Month by The World Vegan Society. Founded in 1944, the society seeks to educate vegans and non-vegans alike and help choose veganism everyday. The site contains resources to begin your vegan journey, support you through your transition and into the future, and reach out and encourage others to do the same.

Head on over to The World Vegan Society’s website and learn more.

Nobody’s Perfect

As a challenge to myself, I’ve decided that I will do my best to educate everyone I come in contact with. That may sound small, but honestly, we’ve all been in teachable moments where we’ve said “nah, why bother.” I’ve certainly been there.

Perhaps I’ve judged the other person as not open to veganism before I’ve given them a chance. Perhaps I didn’t want to risk an argument. Sometimes, I just don’t want to have to go into a long spiel and explain my actions or beliefs. No matter what the case, for this month, there are no more excuses. I will stand up for the animals at every opportunity that presents itself. I will also stand up for the health of my fellow humans.

A friend of mine recently went under the knife for bariatric surgery. She is morbidly obese, diabetic, and saw little hope for change. She tried diets and workouts, and nothing worked for her. Now that the surgery is done, and she’s been sick everyday since, I keep asking myself why I didn’t try a little harder. Why didn’t I encourage her just a little bit more? Well, there’s no time like the present to start!

Some of you may already be preaching the vegan word at every chance, and I applaud you. I’m hoping that the month of November will teach me that it IS always worth it. That I do have the time and energy even when I think I don’t. My laziness is not right, but I’m human. And, I’m growing.

How will YOU spend the month?

Now, how will YOU spend the month? What changes will you make for yourself, or for others?


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